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The Green Thrust Of Unilab

By : Feby Silaban

Green business is not just about having green office buildings or planting trees. It is far beyond that. It is about striking a balance between earning business profit, preserving the environment, and caring for people living around.

          “Green business is a business paradigm which is based on the triple bottom lines of business, namely Profit, Planet, and People. Only by implementing these three principles, companies will be able to sustain their businesses,” Supandi, Director of PT Unilab Perdana, the leading provider of environmental services, said in a recent interview with Petromindo Magazine.

          He pointed out that under the green business principles, companies should first internalize the principles of business sustainability in every business decision. “Second, the company produces and offers products or services that are environmentally friendly. Third, the company has to be more environmentally friendly in implementing their business operations,” said the former official of the industry ministry.

          There is no denying that business sustainability is a must for all companies. It is not only driven by their willingness to sustain profitability. But it is also resulted from the growing awareness of the global society over the importance of conserving the environment. The green awareness has been especially strengthened by the environmental campaigns of the United Nation’ (UN) environmental institutions, environmental non-govermental organizations (NGO), and other international activist who saw the urgent need of preserving the environment following the worsening condition of global warming and climate change.

          As a result, people will tend to be more environmentally judgemental over companies from which they buy product and services. Companies ignoring the green principles will be certainly in the end unable to maintain their business sustainability.

          Supandi explained the interaction between business and environment is reflected in the use of natural resources at every stage of business activity from production, distribution, marketing and final consumption of product and services. This interaction can be seen as a symbiosis that will benefit both parties if the principle is appropriately implemented. It means not only the environment is a source of exploitation, but it also needs to be preserved and protected from environmental impacts resulted from business activities.

          “Over-exploitation of natural resources will lead to disruption of the supplay chain of raw materials of a business activity which will hamper sustainable development,” he said.

          According to him, companies should educate and encourage all of their employees to be more responsible in preserving environment; develop business policies and programs to increase awareness on environmental protection; develop products and services that are efficient on energy and natural resources use, make their products recyclable and safely disposable; apply appropriate management of wastes to avoid odorous, toxic and dangerous subtances (B3), and comply with environmental regulations and principles.

          Supandi said his company PT Unilab Perdana has long envisioned to help companies to comply with the environmental regulations and principles which are a must to maintain their business sustainability. “ We want to help companies to minimize their environmental impacts. We provide environmental preservation services to help them maintain their business sustainability,” he said.

          Established on Oct. 30, 1990, PT Unilab Perdana is the first Indonesian company that operates the first private laboratory. It has won a number of certifications for its environmental services from authorized institutions, including the Indonesian Nasional Standard (SNI).

          Its environmental services include analyses of water quality, ambient air, stack and vehicle emissions, occupational environment, and industrial hygiene.

          With its long experience and capability, PT Unilab has now had clients in the sectors of mining, oil and gas, agriculture, electricity, hospitals, and property in Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta), and in several cities across the archipelago.




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